Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Loving everything jersey and apparently peace.

So here is my summer wardrobe sorted, and its pretty much all the same thing! All I feel I need on these summer holiday are shorts (eventhough my legs are hardly in shape for it) and oversized jersey tops with a peace sign. Im also currently obsessed with everything hippy/boho/peace sign related, note the elephant too. Im off to Thailand for two months and have been touched by all things summer and islandy far far away. My colour palate can be argued that its rather drab as the colours that feature are mostly greys or whites but im going to accessorise this up with some super tanned toned legs (I hope). Cant beat a nice bit of leg, a baggy t-shirt top with some converse or peep-toe pumps. Wish me luck on my diet!

Lovelovelove x