Friday, 30 September 2011

Get the London look.

So I am totally addicted to Lipstick now. I have to force myself not to wear it to work as I think its a wee bit inappropriate (I work in a bar.) As im totally embracing everything Burgundy at the moment obviously my first fave is a Burgundy by Rimmel. Its not actually mine, its Sophie's my flat mates, as I cant find the same colour anywhere. Grrr. Another currently is a baby Pink I got from Topshop. I wore the Burgundy out last night and actually got alot of really nice comments. Heres me and Sophie...

Lovelovelove x

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Guess Fall 2011 Campaign

Have you seen Guess latest fall campaign featuring Amber Heard? Her photos are absolutely stunning! The photographer is Ellen Von Uwerth. I love her photographic style in these pictures, the B&W grainy photos, the 1950's styling. Amber Heard is an American actress/model, you may have seen her in 'Never Back Down', 'Zombie Land' and 'All the Boys Love Mandy Lane.' She was also called 'Teen Vogue young Hollywood,'
My favourite of the pictures is this portrait one of her...

And there is this one, with her hotty of a co-model...

Monday, 26 September 2011

Topshop Wish List.

Topshop Wish List.

I love everything on the Topshop website at the moment. I also have a massive thing for Burgundy too, as you can probably tell! I wiishhhh i could afford...

Lovelovelove x

Paul Poiret.

I have to do a presentation tomorrow on 'Down with the Frou Frou' 1890-1920 modernised womens fashions so i thought that the perfect candidate for this evenings blog would be Paul Poiret as he was the main man in the fashion revolution in the 1900's. Paul Poiret was the designer that pushed the corset out and brought in more casual and ready to wear styles. Women of that time no longer needed their maids to help them get dressed. It took about two years for his designs to become popular within the world, with his opening of his own fashion house and his first design - the Kimono.
'Poirets clients were transformed into hareem girls in flowing pantaloons, turbans and vivid colours.' Poiret used graphic illustrators to create a catalouge of his designes, giving them out to his clientelle. It was the perfect time for these kinds of designs as women of the time were becoming more adventurous, stepping out into the fresh air and using crazy words like, sport! Also can you inagine trying to step out of a car in a fully boned corset and full length dress, with not only one layer, but around 5! Soon enough women around the world were wearing bright colours and fantastic patterns.
Sadly poirets fashion house became bankrupt in the end of WWII as tastes in fashion changed and his massive fan base dissapeared.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Flat D, Room 4.

Sophie and I went to our fave place today for a little outing. Wilkinsons!!! Decided we needed some colour in our bland bedrooms. I know there a little bit tacky but I was feeling fruity and bought these three plastic flowers to stick on my wall rather than a painting. Wasn't too sure how it was going to look but hey. It actually looks awesome! Ive stuck them above my bed using double sided tape. Check it out...
You can also see a sneaky memo clippy thing that my bestest bub Ruth sent me as a welcome/Uni gift on the left. Thankyouuuu :).
I also bought a very expensive (pahaha) lightshade, i really like it...
I thought it was rather fitting as I would like to think ill be doing lots of globe trotting in my future. Ive fitted it so that I can see Australia from my bed as you could say its very close to my heart. But more of that another time.
Here's my notice board my mum made me before I came up to Epsom, shes used Cath Kidston material for the backing as I am a big Cath fan! You can see all my scraps ive collected...
You can also see an old photo of me and Ruth on a card she made me when I was off somewhere!
And finally id like to introduce you to my teddy Champ...


Im not being rude.

Just a quicky, when you comment on my blog, I cant reply! I don't know why, I click onto write comment and then send and it keeps saying choose profile...what does this mean?! Help meeeeee.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Cristobal Balenciaga.

Another day, another designer. Actually I didn't do one yesterday :S sorry.
And today its Cristobal Balenciaga. Described as 'the designers designer', Balenciaga was admired by the likes of Dior and Chanel. He was well known for his being able to sense a change in the times and his architect of cloth creating flattering, dramatic shapes. Cecil Beaton in 1954 wrote 'If Dior is the Watteau of dressmaking, then Balenciaga is fashions Picasso.' Balenciaga developed the cocoon jacket (1947), the box jacket (1949), the middy line (1951), the tunic line (1955), the sack or the chemise (1957) and the empire line (1958).
The cocoon
I think if I was lucky enough to have a designer dress it would be by Balenciaga.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Karl Lagerfeld.

As yesterday was Coco Chanel I think today she should be followed by her protégée Karl Lagerfeld. An all rounder in the fashion he has also worked with Chloe, Fendi and had his own label, Lagerfeld. When talking about Karl i think of the Karl who bag...
Opening his second label 'K Karl Lagerfeld' and good friends with the likes of Lilly Allen and Mary-kate & Ashley, Karl Lagerfeld is keen to stay young and current. Creating designs for young men and women...
I do really like these designs, they are definatley aimed at the younger generation with the dark denim and fitted jacket. All styles seem to be very easily wearable and current.
What do you think of his line?

Onto someone rather new. I was reading Vogue earlier and in the 'Fashions new generation' section I spotted a Guy called JW Anderson. JW is a 27 year old Irish designer, starting off with his menswear line at London fashion week 2007 (while still a student at London College of fashion) and then onto a punky womenswear line shortly afterwards. His designs feature dip-dyed knits, denim smocks and Peruvian plisse skirts. Last year he was awarded the prestigious NEWGEN award by the British fashion council for the third time! I am really into this cool style and like to think of myself as the queen of casual, and this is definitely that! Will be following him in his rise to the top!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Nicola Roberts.

Just a quick one, was reading through LOOK magazine and came accross this interview with Nicola Roberts. How amazing is her hair...
I have a thing about big red hair at the moment. Alot of people seem to be going this way or embracing it if this is their natural colour which is goood! Jealous.
Read the full interview at or get the latest LOOK.

Lovelovelove x

Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel

 I think when someone says Chanel i immediately think of lots of pearls...
Mademoiselle, as she was always called by her employees, launched her Parisian fashion house in 1915 and although no longer with us is still probably one of the most well known names in fashion. Chanel believed that less was more, while her competition was using bright colour and exotic fabric, Chanel preferred to pared down her design message again and again. Nor did she sketch, Chanel designed by adding material to live models. The iconic Chanel pieces i think were the pleated skirt, dropped waistlines and the cloche hat. A style that is still very current.

Alexa Chung, a well known ambassador for Chanel!
Alexa is also modelling the Chanel bag. Im not personally a fan of this basket like design, but I am however a massive fan of this one...the large flap bag with its trademark chain strap!
I also use CoCo Chanel perfume! Come to think of it im a bit of a Chanel fan myself! 
And to finish off, here is an illustration by Zoe Sadokiersk from a little book called 'A life in frocks' by 
Kelly Doust. I love this painting and the quote is one of my faves!

Hope you enjoyed...x

Monday, 19 September 2011


Its LFW so my three housemates and I went along to Somerset house and joined in on the fabulousness of it all! Although we didn't actually have tickets we went along anyway and decided to see what we could blag ourselves into. Turns out it was a lot easier than we expected! We managed to get ourselves into the cinema screen of the Jasper Conran show, simply by waiting until everyone in the que had been let in, then went and kindly asked if we could fit into the back. Worked a treat, although we left it a little late and the doors for the show had closed! But still, we were kind of there! The show was good, consisted of lots of straight clean lines, almost boxy but contradicted with lots of long cuts/slits. Also lots of bright vibrant colours perfect for a spring/summer collection, all teamed with matching headbands!

I personally wasn't a fan of the cuts and shapes, perhaps a little too simple for me. But thoroughly enjoyed my first fashion show!

Jeanne Paquin

Okay so, with my course, Fashion Journalism. Im going to need to know everything there is to know about Fashion designers past and present. I am informed that we will be having a Fashion History test near christmas time.
So, as i am absolutely terrible at revising, i am going to go through a different designer with you everyday until i know them like the back of my hand. Then i can actually participate in my lectures and the tutors wont look at me like i'm a big doof! I know they probably don't anyway but i'm rather self-concious of it!

Today i will be starting with Jeanne Panquin...
Jeane Panquin was a french designer between the years 1869 - 1936. Trained as a dressmaker and known for her innovative designs she was the first woman to open her own fashion house building her label into a international name opening stores in London, New York, Madrid and Buenos Aires! I think Panquin really started things off for the fashion industry setting up fashion parades, known now as fashion shows, to show off her latest designs and models. She also set up a sportswear department in her London store for golf, motoring and shooting clothing.

Here is one of her stunning pastel blue tailored dresses. I love the way she really captures the essence of the female shape with the synched in waistline. Also a lot of her designs having that extra hidden pleat for practicality.

Also this Full length pencil skirt is beautiful. This design was very new and creative in the early 1900's and is still, now, coming back into fashion regularly. Especially now and also in the 80's with the extra frill skirt at the top - please note i am terrible with the terminology of all of these different types of cut's so please if anyone knows the correct please comment...
This is one of Panquins day-into-evening dresses. It uses both tailoring and drapery using taffeta silk. Formal enough for daytime and soft enough for an informal evening occasion. This is yet again a stunning timeless design taking into account the female form and essentuating it beautifully. 

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Just watched Breakfast at Tiffany's for the first time. I know, I know. Its terrible. I don't know where i've been all my life! But i've watched it now and I LOVED it. Well of course I did. Its a classic!
                           Audrey Hepburn has got the most amazing eyes i think i have ever seen.
Are those lashes real?! And she covers them up with those timelessly brilliant glasses. The "Wayfarer", designed in 1952 by American optical designer Raymond Stegeman.
Apart from the story Audreys outfits are magnifique. Designed by Hubert De Givenchy, I think it would be a role any girl would have killed for! 
Also, how much did they all smoke in the movie...did anyone notice the amount of cigarettes that were on Paul Varjak's desk, ornaments full of the things! But I have to admit, I reaaally want one of Audrey's holders that she swans around with...

We love Mondays

I am now officially a fresher!! Not that we've been going out at all really, its all about saving the pennies you see! Especially when were so close to London and I haven't actually been for a night out in the big Landaaan yet!
Back onto what I was originally talking about, I tend to go off track and babble, all four ladies from the flat went out into Epsom for the t-shirt party, 'We Love Mondays'. Was gooood. I would show you a picture but my internet is being a doss!
Onto tonight and its pub golf...were actually going out for this one. Although we left it a little late to go looking around charity shops and I don't really have anything that resembles golfing in my wardrobe so im not dressing up! Shame but hey!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Brand Spankass.

Just wanna say a big thankyaaa to Sophie my wonderful housemate for helping me for the past zillion hours with my new sophist look blog! I hope you like it!!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Terry the tutor.

So today all i had to do was simply get out of bed and walk downstairs top the lower area of my building and sit down in my class. Still late! Ha. But its okay, i wasn't the latest. Although i did have to get up earlier than i would have liked to as i had to go and waste five pounds of my only money on passport photographs for my tutor. Who in fact is very nice. The group of people i will be spending the next three years of my life with are too, very nice! Im rather excited about this whole sorting my life out and getting a career (hopefully) malarky. Ill keep you posted on that one...all one of my followers ha ha.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Today was my first.

First ever Blog. First day of Uni. Big day! I love it. Although to say im scared is an understatement!