Saturday, 26 November 2011


Sorry that this post is rather behind but ive had quite a busy week and haven't really had a chance to update you all on my hair situation. So...I took the colour out of it and it ended up rather ginger and you've seen. But to be honest I rather liked it. I colour removed again the next day, slightly worriedly may I add as the whole hair ending up as straw was hanging in the back of my mind, but hey, what's the worst that could happen. After another hour of attempting to destroy/beautify my hair after all removed (the solution and the colour hopefully) the result was actually rather a babe! More of a darker red/ginge but I actually LOVED it. Got plenty of comments and found my new hair colour was a bit of a revelation. Decided to keep it like this for as long as possible as it was beautiful and I felt my hair had been through enough trauma for the moment. The final step would be to put a new lighter colour on it. I chose Nice and Easy dark blonde with ash tones. After around a week the new colour on my hair was still all good but it felt unfinished and however much I loved the colour my roots remained a slightly lighter tone and so as it wasn't a die that I originally used I had no colour to go over with so the last die was to be applied. Here is a picture of my red hair...
The picture isn't great colour-wise but its the only one i took, sorrry! So my FINAL hour of sitting around with toxic hair is now finally over and I swear im never dying my hair again. My hair better be how I want it when I wash this off! After a quick blow dry without looking in the mirror whilst its wet as I always scare myself silly when its wet because it never looks the same when its dry. Im pretty happy with it. Its not exactly      
dark blonde but its lighter. Thank god. Im not really sure where the ash tones have disappeared to because the red tones certainly haven't gone anywhere but as ive found I don't really dislike redness. Perhaps after a few washes it will be closer to the colour that it was before I died it. Overall i just want my hair to be lighter which means I can grow it out and see what my natural colour is as I dont really know what that is! Then i can start this whole charade all over again! Ha. Heres the FINAL result...Hope you like it!

Lovelovelove x

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Hair Trauma.

Ive decided that my hair is far too dark and would like to be a lighter brown colour. However, the hairdressers will be charging me over £100 to do it! That is slightly out of my price range now that I am a student! So, ive decided to go it alone, or with my flatmates. To get my hair to the lighter tone I want it to be I need to strip it of the colours I have dyed it in the past 6 months and then tone, dye it to the colour I want. Im a bit scared but im sick of it this colour so im just going to go for it! Ive bought two boxes of this stuff, its Colour B4 hair colour remover. The extra strong one!

So here goes...the application is really easy, you just have to wait for one hour while it works its magic and then spend 10-15 minutes in the shower making sure its all rinsed out. Then you have to apply an oil like solution afterwards (i think its to soften it back up) and rinse for a further 5 minutes.
So my hair was this colour to begin with...
and now its this colour...
I actually do really like this colour, but were only half way! I was really worried that the colour remover would completley destroy my hair and make it like straw, so when rinsing it for the final time I used Aussie miracle moist conditioner, its completely repaired my hair and made it so soft. It dosent really seem in that bad of a condition!
As much as I like the colour now, I still want it more of a brown, so im going to leave my hair for tonight and use my second box of colour remover on it tomorrow, then im going to apply the dye I have chose! Im rather excited to see how it turns out!
Everything shown was bought from boots!

Lovelovelove x

Sunday, 13 November 2011


So this post is a bit of a random one but I thought I better explain the reason (and meaning) behind the whole 'Purdy Maid'. Im Cornish, as you may well know, and in Cornwall you get farmers with their funny Cornish accents. Saying things like, 'Geddon Janner' - alright mate, 'Dreckly' - later (whenever I feel like it), 'Proper Job' - very good etc etc. And Purdy maid is one of those, here is a T-Shirt I found at a farmers market (don't unfollow me now, im cool really I promise). Also above is a picture of a pasty, mainly for my Cornish friend Jake, from the BEST pasty shop in a place called Looe. Its MASSIVE, just the way they should be. If you ever get to try an actual proper Cornish pasty id recommend it, not one of those ones at Paddington station that say 'Cornish pasty' because there faaaakeee!

Lovelovelove x


Lovelovelove x


This is my new fur coat, its so warm and beautiful and soft. I bought it second hand at a charity shop for £30! Im so happy that ive got a big fur coat for winter as its getting really cold now. I can simply throw this over anything. Perfect for those snowy days...or trapesing around London looking for Christmas presents.

Lovelovelove x

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Drew Barrymore for Neiman Marcus “Art of Fashion”

I Love Drew x

Red Riding-Hood.

Here's a little something I picked up when I was on My travels in Australia. Its a hooded cape, with what I think is detailing of sweets on it. Its really warm and comfy so, and covers up an outfit that hasn't really gone so well. Perfect to throw on when you cant really be bothered, which is me most mornings as I find it rather hard to function properly before 2pm! I feel like little red riding-hood when i wear it, like im off to go get some apples for my gran. I got it from a little boutique store in my fave place, Byron Bay on the East coast. What do you think about the new capes/shawls that are popping up in the stores at the moment?

Lovelovelove x