Sunday, 25 November 2012

Summer Days

Hey Guys!!

Sorry I haven't blogged in QUITE a while! But I've been very lazy this summer! But I am now back at university and needs must!
So my summer was actually was yours? Equally amazing too I hope. I went over to Thailand for seven weeks with my bezzer Sophia. I saw went over to thailand as if it's no big deal, don't get me wrong, it is a massive not some kind of fancy jet setter with bags of money! Im currently working out a way of getting some kind of funding for a trip this up coming summer but somehow I don't think the puppydog eyes will help me on this one with mother.

This is us on our last night with the two amazing Irish ladies that we travelled with for about three weeks! Maobh and Shelle. Here were in Bangkok having a proper goodbye! Miss these girls a lot, however they are currently out in Australia :(.

This is on Ko Phi Phi, one of the most amazing places and my favourite island!

This is heading out to Maya Bay where 'The Beach' was filmed!

Koh Tao

This was our hostel in Pai, Northern Thailand

Look at the little baba!!!

Scrummy passion fruit smoothie

The girls at Ankor Wat in Cambodia


Me and Moabh at the best hostel in Cambodia with our Mars bars!

Our party cake from 19 Happy House in Siem Reap, Cambodia.


The happy shopper at the markets in Chang Mai, look at that bedding!

Us at the half moon!

Me on a scooter!


The gang! Miss those guys!

Elephant hug!! Best thing in the world! 

Ko Phi Phi!

Looking at all of these photographs again is making me rather sad! I miss it all so much! I got two new tattoos whilst I was out there also, a frangipani behind my ear (for Australia) and a line of elephants on my thigh (for Thailand) both bamboo! I love them lots!...

Well babesss, its late and I should be going to bed. Speak soon.

Lovelovelove x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

As part of my uni course, one of our units was to produce a photo shoot and edit and arrange it in the style of our chosen publication. My partner and I chose to shoot an iD style grunge look and the outcome i found was rather more than satisfctory. I shot the whole thing and loved it, i actually forgot how much i missed and adored being behind the camera and have since done a few more shoots here and there. Here are the final photographs with our lovely model Vanessa...

Let me know what you think! 

Lovelovelove x

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Loving everything jersey and apparently peace.

So here is my summer wardrobe sorted, and its pretty much all the same thing! All I feel I need on these summer holiday are shorts (eventhough my legs are hardly in shape for it) and oversized jersey tops with a peace sign. Im also currently obsessed with everything hippy/boho/peace sign related, note the elephant too. Im off to Thailand for two months and have been touched by all things summer and islandy far far away. My colour palate can be argued that its rather drab as the colours that feature are mostly greys or whites but im going to accessorise this up with some super tanned toned legs (I hope). Cant beat a nice bit of leg, a baggy t-shirt top with some converse or peep-toe pumps. Wish me luck on my diet!

Lovelovelove x 

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Keep your curiosity sacred.

As a trainee journalist I need something to aim towards, or a print that I love to read. And to be honest ive never had this, untill I found 'Oh Comely'. Ive never heard about this magazine untill I found it in a little newsagents in SOHO, but im so happy I now have! It such a beautifully set up magazine that is so easy to read. The editorials are about things like biscuits, illustrators, musicians and tattoos, things that make you smile as you are reading them and im sure they love writing about. My favourite would have to be an illustrated story 'Four-legged meditation' 'Scenes from walks with my dog' by Rob Hodgson. He's literally just telling you about his dog Jack and when he walks him. For a start im a massive dog lover and have two of my own, who I miss very much whilst away at uni. And yet the sheer passion in the way that he writes it and the small snippets that move you make this piece of writing something that makes my skin tingle. "For all Jack the dogs humbleness and his quiet appreciation he can sometimes break out into a run, when he perhaps he is overcome by clarity, happy to be alive he is galloping through the pines." You should definitely have a look if you get a chance. This is the front cover...

Heres Rob and Jack...

Lovelovelove x

Saturday, 4 February 2012


So I have no money. However I still found myself wandering around Guildford shopping centre yesterday arvo. This is a real problem for me, and yet, I didn't actually buy anything! Actually what I did do was grab everything around me that I would have bought if money permitted and tried it on, then took photos! Not quite the same effect in the long run but momentarily made me feel a bit better. Here are a few favourites...
This was perhaps a size too big, although the baggy look is what is intended with this dress. Im thinking port royal Vans in the summer. Topshop £29.

This one was absolutely beautiful, however its sleevless which is a bit of a no no for me as I need lipo on my arms, DRASTICALLY! Topshop £50.

Loved this, im going to Thailand for a month and a bit in July and this would be perfect for trekking around the islands. However the tan lines may be a bit odd. Topshop £29.

At the moment its a tad easier for me not to be buying the world as we are currently in that transition period before summer when its still really cold but the sun is out every day. Im also trying to loose a shed load of weight before summer so I can be a size 10 goddess. Wish me luck! 

Lovelovelove x

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Agyness Deyn.

One of my faves in the fashion/modelling world edgy beauty Agyness Deyn is back. After a short while having a break from the modelling industry she is back and better than ever. Deyn was featured in this months Vogue looking rather STUNNING. This woman can literally do no wrong with her stunning natural beauty. The shoot is very 60's bad girl with floral prints, big hair, lots of liner, bold lips, YSL playsuits and plenty of colour. Not that I dont like the boyish casual look that she normally goes for but she looks awesome in this editorial with slightly longer styled hair and a bit of lippy...

Very jealous of her right now!

Lovelovelove x

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Freeze Please.

No matter how many times I say 'I cant wait for summer!' or 'I need to get a tan,' I do eventually need to come to terms with the fact that I wont be going anywhere near a climate above 5 degrees any time soon.  Retailers may be now launching their spring lines but that does not mean the cold is going to be leaving. Winter may be, for me anyway, deathly pale dry skin, numb toes and what seems a constant god damn runny nose, and it hasn't even snowed yet. Grr. As I write this im actually wrapped up in bed with the radiator blasting, but is that such a bad thing. Who says that snuggling up in bed is so terrible? Sorry to those of you who are out at work and cannot enjoy such a pleasure, I am however a student and will probably be spending the next three years of my life in bed, until it comes the time when I have to enter the big bad world and get a real job and I in fact move back in with my parents. But back on to the silver lining thing, winter isn't all that bad. There are many things this season comes hand in hand with, would be rude not too. Pyjamas, Big Fluffy socks, scrummy hot food, Christmas! Hats & scarves, baths, suede Dr Martens just look at them...

Just suede in general really, and velvet, burgundy velvet yum, furrrr, the red cups at Starbucks, baggy tee's, oversized knitwear, bold prints, hot showers after running from the rain, hunters on the beach, full length skirts, bright jeans and bright lipstick. Summer couldn't come quicker but as it isn't here just yet, and to be honest we have a couple of months before it does may as well make the most out of it and don some of these beauties...

Just a few things to brighten up those lazy days. Don't you just love Topshop.

Lovelovelove x