Sunday, 25 November 2012

Summer Days

Hey Guys!!

Sorry I haven't blogged in QUITE a while! But I've been very lazy this summer! But I am now back at university and needs must!
So my summer was actually was yours? Equally amazing too I hope. I went over to Thailand for seven weeks with my bezzer Sophia. I saw went over to thailand as if it's no big deal, don't get me wrong, it is a massive not some kind of fancy jet setter with bags of money! Im currently working out a way of getting some kind of funding for a trip this up coming summer but somehow I don't think the puppydog eyes will help me on this one with mother.

This is us on our last night with the two amazing Irish ladies that we travelled with for about three weeks! Maobh and Shelle. Here were in Bangkok having a proper goodbye! Miss these girls a lot, however they are currently out in Australia :(.

This is on Ko Phi Phi, one of the most amazing places and my favourite island!

This is heading out to Maya Bay where 'The Beach' was filmed!

Koh Tao

This was our hostel in Pai, Northern Thailand

Look at the little baba!!!

Scrummy passion fruit smoothie

The girls at Ankor Wat in Cambodia


Me and Moabh at the best hostel in Cambodia with our Mars bars!

Our party cake from 19 Happy House in Siem Reap, Cambodia.


The happy shopper at the markets in Chang Mai, look at that bedding!

Us at the half moon!

Me on a scooter!


The gang! Miss those guys!

Elephant hug!! Best thing in the world! 

Ko Phi Phi!

Looking at all of these photographs again is making me rather sad! I miss it all so much! I got two new tattoos whilst I was out there also, a frangipani behind my ear (for Australia) and a line of elephants on my thigh (for Thailand) both bamboo! I love them lots!...

Well babesss, its late and I should be going to bed. Speak soon.

Lovelovelove x

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