Saturday, 25 May 2013

Honey im home

Hey Guuysss,

I know im utterly shit, im sorry. I havent blogged in ages...

Its purely because im rather lazy. But my second year of uni has just come to an end and I now have no excuse not to blog.
I dont really have much to catch you up on, however I recently did an internship at That was fun! It was in the photo studio which was perfect for me, of course i didn't actually get to go near a camera, however learning about everything that goes behind a shopping website was pretty cool. Im slightly ashamed of myself as I only did two weeks there, but I do intend of going back for a longer period of time, if not somewhere else! Im not too sure where yet, personally im not too sure about anything at the moment. Third year is fast approaching and deciding what to do with the rest of my life is pretty petrifying! But what can ya do ey! Not a lot so lets just see where I end up. Id quite like to do an internship somewhere like LOOK magazine or COMPANY maybe. Or ASOS would be pretty sweet, actually if anyone knows of internships going at WWF that would be an absolute dream.
Anyhoo less of my quarter life meltdown heres some sneaky pictures I took whilst at Enjoy!

Lovelovelove x

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