Tuesday, 14 January 2014

"Dream and Dream Come True" - Jimmy Appudural-Chai

Delve is a magazine created by myself and four of my friends in our second year of uni, its about the real people of London and their stories. For Delve I interviewed a guy called Jimmy Appudural-Chai, one of the most interesting and inspirational guys I've ever met. Photographer and musician Jimmy lived in Notting Hill in the 60's and 70's, Jimmy used to own his own Kodak printing shop and has quite a few stories to tell. Originally born in Singapore, and in many a band over there, Jimmy moved to the UK when everything got a bit strict in Singapore with the banning of rock music. He still loves his country of birth and visits often, but now calls the UK his home. A main topic of conversation when interviewing Jimmy was music, talking about his bands, 'The Straydogs' who he released two singles with, 'The Meltones', 'The Motif' and 'The Bee Jays'. To talk about music with Jimmy was nothing more than an inspiration, his stories of jamming with his idol Eric Clapton and his best friend Jim McCarty. Hanging out at parties with his good friend Micheal Kamen, and the likes of Kate Bush. If I could step back in time to any era I would do it in a heartbeat - even if for only a few minutes, but being able to talk to Jimmy for as long as I did was pretty much doing just that. The world is a very big place, and there are many people that pass you by every day that you hardly even notice, let alone give them a second thought. Thats exactly what Delve was all about, listening to the stories that changed peoples lives, and may in fact change your own. Go team Delve.

Jimmy now lives in Cornwall, spending his time rocking out in local pubs and bars for his fans! Here are some pictures of Jimmy's spread in Delve...

And a few more from Delve...

(All pictures are my own)

                                                                       Lovelovelove x

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