Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Hair Trauma.

Ive decided that my hair is far too dark and would like to be a lighter brown colour. However, the hairdressers will be charging me over £100 to do it! That is slightly out of my price range now that I am a student! So, ive decided to go it alone, or with my flatmates. To get my hair to the lighter tone I want it to be I need to strip it of the colours I have dyed it in the past 6 months and then tone, dye it to the colour I want. Im a bit scared but im sick of it this colour so im just going to go for it! Ive bought two boxes of this stuff, its Colour B4 hair colour remover. The extra strong one!

So here goes...the application is really easy, you just have to wait for one hour while it works its magic and then spend 10-15 minutes in the shower making sure its all rinsed out. Then you have to apply an oil like solution afterwards (i think its to soften it back up) and rinse for a further 5 minutes.
So my hair was this colour to begin with...
and now its this colour...
I actually do really like this colour, but were only half way! I was really worried that the colour remover would completley destroy my hair and make it like straw, so when rinsing it for the final time I used Aussie miracle moist conditioner, its completely repaired my hair and made it so soft. It dosent really seem in that bad of a condition!
As much as I like the colour now, I still want it more of a brown, so im going to leave my hair for tonight and use my second box of colour remover on it tomorrow, then im going to apply the dye I have chose! Im rather excited to see how it turns out!
Everything shown was bought from boots!

Lovelovelove x

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