Saturday, 26 November 2011


Sorry that this post is rather behind but ive had quite a busy week and haven't really had a chance to update you all on my hair situation. So...I took the colour out of it and it ended up rather ginger and you've seen. But to be honest I rather liked it. I colour removed again the next day, slightly worriedly may I add as the whole hair ending up as straw was hanging in the back of my mind, but hey, what's the worst that could happen. After another hour of attempting to destroy/beautify my hair after all removed (the solution and the colour hopefully) the result was actually rather a babe! More of a darker red/ginge but I actually LOVED it. Got plenty of comments and found my new hair colour was a bit of a revelation. Decided to keep it like this for as long as possible as it was beautiful and I felt my hair had been through enough trauma for the moment. The final step would be to put a new lighter colour on it. I chose Nice and Easy dark blonde with ash tones. After around a week the new colour on my hair was still all good but it felt unfinished and however much I loved the colour my roots remained a slightly lighter tone and so as it wasn't a die that I originally used I had no colour to go over with so the last die was to be applied. Here is a picture of my red hair...
The picture isn't great colour-wise but its the only one i took, sorrry! So my FINAL hour of sitting around with toxic hair is now finally over and I swear im never dying my hair again. My hair better be how I want it when I wash this off! After a quick blow dry without looking in the mirror whilst its wet as I always scare myself silly when its wet because it never looks the same when its dry. Im pretty happy with it. Its not exactly      
dark blonde but its lighter. Thank god. Im not really sure where the ash tones have disappeared to because the red tones certainly haven't gone anywhere but as ive found I don't really dislike redness. Perhaps after a few washes it will be closer to the colour that it was before I died it. Overall i just want my hair to be lighter which means I can grow it out and see what my natural colour is as I dont really know what that is! Then i can start this whole charade all over again! Ha. Heres the FINAL result...Hope you like it!

Lovelovelove x

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