Sunday, 13 November 2011


So this post is a bit of a random one but I thought I better explain the reason (and meaning) behind the whole 'Purdy Maid'. Im Cornish, as you may well know, and in Cornwall you get farmers with their funny Cornish accents. Saying things like, 'Geddon Janner' - alright mate, 'Dreckly' - later (whenever I feel like it), 'Proper Job' - very good etc etc. And Purdy maid is one of those, here is a T-Shirt I found at a farmers market (don't unfollow me now, im cool really I promise). Also above is a picture of a pasty, mainly for my Cornish friend Jake, from the BEST pasty shop in a place called Looe. Its MASSIVE, just the way they should be. If you ever get to try an actual proper Cornish pasty id recommend it, not one of those ones at Paddington station that say 'Cornish pasty' because there faaaakeee!

Lovelovelove x

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