Monday, 21 October 2013


So you'll all probably know that velvet is the texture of this winter. I can get on this along with Topshop and ASOS. Cigarette pants, a basic top, perhaps even a pair of Dr Martens! Yep, thats what I did, got these absolute beauties as an early birthday present from my mama. Ohhh they are so pretty, hurting my poor little feet like hell at the moment but my housemates reasurre me it will be worth it. "After wearing every day for about three months one day they just wont hurt again. And they will be the comfiest shoes you own." Blisters aside, this will be a great day.
Slightly scared that this evil rainy weather may hurt my new best friends, however ive invested in some water and stain protecter spray and using it with vigilance..every time I leave the house really.
Who Whoa wait till those tight little badboys have loosened up and my feet dont feel like they are about to drop off and me and my velvet booties are guna be living it up badass winter style! next day delivery ;)

                                                                    Lovelovelove x

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