Saturday, 24 December 2011


Ive finally taken the plunge and done what everybody has been expecting me to for the past year and gone back to blonde. I was originally blonde for about 5 years, dying it since I was 15. I haven't gone quite as blonde as i was previously as that was pretty platinum! This is just a softer, very ashy blonde that I like very much indeed. Whether i ever go back to platinum/white I don't know, I kinda hope not! Its funny because know that im blonde again everyone is saying how much better it is, love how they tell me that now! Here are some pics...

I got the colour by whacking some bleach all over it for about an hour, then after some rest (the next day) I applied a packet 'pearl blonde' over the top. I really love it actually and am very glad I got bored that rainy day!
Also ITS CHRISTMAS!!! Im currently getting ready to go out and hit the pub, its a big thing going out in my town on Christmas eve, everyone goes out so its a really nice chance to see everyone and wish them a Happy Christmas. I hope you all have a wonderful day too! And get everything from Santa that you asked for! Is anyone else going out too? Let me know...!

Lovelovelove x