Thursday, 15 September 2011

We love Mondays

I am now officially a fresher!! Not that we've been going out at all really, its all about saving the pennies you see! Especially when were so close to London and I haven't actually been for a night out in the big Landaaan yet!
Back onto what I was originally talking about, I tend to go off track and babble, all four ladies from the flat went out into Epsom for the t-shirt party, 'We Love Mondays'. Was gooood. I would show you a picture but my internet is being a doss!
Onto tonight and its pub golf...were actually going out for this one. Although we left it a little late to go looking around charity shops and I don't really have anything that resembles golfing in my wardrobe so im not dressing up! Shame but hey!

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