Monday, 26 September 2011

Paul Poiret.

I have to do a presentation tomorrow on 'Down with the Frou Frou' 1890-1920 modernised womens fashions so i thought that the perfect candidate for this evenings blog would be Paul Poiret as he was the main man in the fashion revolution in the 1900's. Paul Poiret was the designer that pushed the corset out and brought in more casual and ready to wear styles. Women of that time no longer needed their maids to help them get dressed. It took about two years for his designs to become popular within the world, with his opening of his own fashion house and his first design - the Kimono.
'Poirets clients were transformed into hareem girls in flowing pantaloons, turbans and vivid colours.' Poiret used graphic illustrators to create a catalouge of his designes, giving them out to his clientelle. It was the perfect time for these kinds of designs as women of the time were becoming more adventurous, stepping out into the fresh air and using crazy words like, sport! Also can you inagine trying to step out of a car in a fully boned corset and full length dress, with not only one layer, but around 5! Soon enough women around the world were wearing bright colours and fantastic patterns.
Sadly poirets fashion house became bankrupt in the end of WWII as tastes in fashion changed and his massive fan base dissapeared.

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