Friday, 14 October 2011


So the UNI held a free gig yesterday for us. Don't get me wrong it wasn't anything amazing, it was simply in our refectory (Lunch Hall) but they gave out free beer and there was quite a big turnout which was good. The band was fiN, you may not have heard of them, I certainly hadn't, but they were actually really good. they have been on tour with people like Incubus, The KOOKS and Mona. There very instrumental/rocky which is very unusual for a first single, but according to them they want to make and change and it seems they are already very popular. The gig itself was very intimate - we were sat right at the front, and then we had a Q&A interval which was cool. I would definitely reccomend checking them out! Sorry about the quality of these pictures but my camera is broken and I had to use my crappy blackberry camera for these...

Also I kinda fancied the drummer, Simon (the blonde one), I really have a thing for drummers. I.e Charlie Simpson dribbleeeee.

Lovelovelove x

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