Sunday, 16 October 2011

Softmints on the Train.

Went back to Cornwall this weekend to see the fam and friends :). I always forget how much I love Cornwall when I go and live in the city. I miss the beach and the pasties and the cider and the moors and the sheep and the SEEEAAAA sooo much (and of course my family). It was a flying visit but it was proper job (Cornish lingo). And earlier today my mum cooked the most badass roast, she then made me beef sandwiches with the leftover meat for my journey back to London. Shes the best. Sadly I didn't take a photograph of that, but I did get some of these when we went up-to the moors (my back garden) for a walk...

The best one and her bab, Benjamin.

Check out Ruths laaavly winter woolie. Its got a mountain on it, Charity shop!
And this is where we go swimming in summer...

Sad to be going home now but have to get back to the real world, Uni! 

Lovelovelove x

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