Monday, 10 October 2011


Top is from charity shop. Necklace is Urban Outfitters. Bracelet's and watch is Australian brands. Shorts are Topshop.

I found this top the other day in a local charity shop, I love charity shopping. Its amazing the little bargains you can find, its like a little treasure hunt. I think I bought this for four pound? I love the colour, its so vibrant; especially for this winter days on the way in. At the moment I can just about get away with wearing it with denim shorts, but as and when it starts getting colder im going to team it with navy trousers and perhaps another bright knitted jumper or a big brown fur coat (if I buy one in time for winter!)
I love this necklace, im really into the whole boho, vintage look at the moment which I think ties perfectly with the 'peace' sign, its also beautiful in gold. Was in the sale at Urban Outfitters too which was laaavly!
Onto my bracelets, these were bought in Australia when i did my year travelling. they are from a little boutique store I found in an amazing place called Byron Bay on the East coast. The woman that owns the store has just started up an on-line store so you should have a look! Her stuff is so one off and quirky/cute. I could have spent hundreds off dollars in there! Its called Hope & May. The watch is also from Australia. A shop called Big W, its kinda like our there version of ASDA maybe? It was really cheap but I love it! Never really felt the need for a watch before but now I couldnt live without it!

Lovelovelove x

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